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Link to Auction Site: www.Bertoiaauctions.com

Contact: Tel. [USA] 856-692-1881, Fax [USA] 856-692-8697

Bertoia Auctions Presents a Toy Feast Sale

A three day sale that collectors won’t  want to miss this November 18, 19, 20, 2005



Only a week before the traditional American holiday feast, Bertoia Auctions Gallery plays host to a mega, three-day sales event featuring toys, Disney, trains, dolls, mechanical banks, Christmas items, and everything under the toy sun from prominent collections spanning the entire country. The 2200+ lot sale guarantees a lot for everyone:  a real collector’s feast of toys.

Huge in toy diversity, the event highlights Part II of the very important Mel Feldman Disney and comic character collection, together with over 250 cast iron autos, trucks, buses, and cycles, a Vindex collection that rates as the best to ever fill the Bertoia shelves, Early American gems with examples from the Larry Scripps-Wilkinson private collection, Lenci Dolls from Stephanie Farago, Christmas collectibles including salesman-stock Dresdens and snow babies from Linda Vines of California, exemplary Schoenhut figures, extraordinary European luxury Autos, Ships, boxed battery-op and tin toys from Europe and America that fall into multiple areas of toy interest.

In the realms of Disneyana and Comic Character collecting, none come close to the collecting expertise and fervor of Mr. Mel Feldman of New Jersey.  An avid collector for over 30 years, Mel compiled a near-perfect collecting score-card earning him a place in documented toy history last April when Bertoia's sold the first half of this legendary collection. Including one of the most sterling Mickey and Minnie Mouse on Motorcycle toys ever seen for a record $55,000.  The considerable, and considerably extraordinary, remainder of Mel's collection equals and  surpasses Part I;  those who remember the landmark sale will certainly return for seconds. Mel Feldman’s Disney Collection Part II includes Mickey and Donald at their very bests. Exciting examples from the elusive Rogelio Sanchez of Spain Co. highlight the truly rarest of Mickey and Felix toys known.  Exceptional examples in brilliant colors swathe the Bertoia gallery shelves in nearly every medium: tin, wood, celluloid, and cloth. From boxed Pluto examples, Japanese celluloid Donald Duck entries in tremendous condition, Disney themed handcars and train sets from Wells-O-London and Lionel, and a rare French tea-set, Mickey and his friends are depicted in almost every imaginable pose and whimsical action. Other highlights include: La Isla Mickey and Felix Cigar Smoking Sparkler, rare Mickey and Minnie on celluloid elephant, Charlotte Clark stuffed Mickey doll, Horace and Mickey Express wagon, Linemar Mickey cyclist in the box, and much more!

Mel's propensity for collecting didn't just end with Mickey Mouse and the rest of Disney gang.  His love for all things comic led a keen collecting insight towards other character fields in tin and celluloid featuring famous characters Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Amos and Andy, Henry, Lil' Abner, Little Orphan Annie, Felix the Cat, and of course that loveable sailor-man, Popeye.  Matching wits with Mickey in condition and rarity, the Popeye segment features some outstanding examples including a Popeye Heavy Hitter, boxed Popeye Express, Popeye the Drummer, Popeye and Olive Oyl Stretchy Hand-Car in box, two seperate examples of Popeye the Pilot, Brutus Dippy Dumper in box, and that is only the beginning.  Glowing with the childhood spirit and fervor with which Mel amassed this fantastic offering over an amazing 30+ years, all items are currently on display at Bertoia's New Jersey gallery.  A cartoon wonderland awaits collectors November 19th, and the world of toys is indebted to Mel for sharing and displaying the joy and universality of Disney through this superior contribution. 

Continuing with the sale list brings us to European autos, limousines, and buses. Bertoias is pleased to offer an outstanding grouping of classic quality examples from Marklin, Carette, Bing, Pinard and other notable European master toy companies. Early tourers, large scale Taxis, elusive Limousines, and road ready coupes scarcely offered anywhere, anytime, will join the podium rights to new shelves. Well the big ships are docking in Vineland this November 18th, 19th, and 20th, and collectors can expect a toy flotilla sure to cause some really big waves. Marklin, Carette, Bing and Fleischmann will show why their designs never fail to impress the most advanced collector. Luxury Ocean Liners, sleek and powerful Battleships, and fabulous riverboat models will keep the bidding opportunities on a steady keel with many other nautical notables.

For a real pre Christmas treat, the sale will feature rare Dresdens passed down from a former jobber of German Dresden ornaments to his granddaughter. In years past, Bertoia's sold Part I of this incredible Dresden bounty.  Now Part II by way of a sister who shared in the grandfather’s gifts, comes to the Bertoia south jersey podium. Christmas collectibles, and ornaments, together with feather trees and everything Xmas will be on hand for the sale. A sterling collection of Snow Babies, numbering nearly 100, will beautify the preview shelves, and just wait to see the poses and molding of these fine examples. Collected with care by collector Linda Vines from California, it’s a display that will undoubtedly bring smiles of approval for pure artistry and molding effects. Call it a miracle on DeMarco Drive, but Christmas joys abound this November at Bertoia's.

Paper on wood entries combine visually incredible graphics, and all from the private shelves of former Detroit Toy Museum visionary/owner Lawrence Scripps-Wilkinson. He most graciously allowed his shelves to empty into the Bertoia Gallery, and the resulting setup is fabulous, both in condition and appeal. Mr. Wilkinson had pioneered the idea of a traveling exhibit  and has devoted a lifetime to promoting the true art of toy collecting and sharing.  His tenure as owner of the Detroit Toy Museum singles him out as one of the legends in the world of antique toy collectors. His toy offerings give insight to a very discriminating eye for toy beauty, and demonstrate a refined taste for the best in toy appeal. Mr. Wilkinson’s additions include some very pristine ships, the large “Pansy” Tally Ho, and Early American tin examples. Early games and cube sets, always popular with the museum’s old toy list, include a St. Nicholas Picture Puzzle set, and a few other early game set renditions.  Together with Larry’s early American toys, the sale features a couple of very rare and desirable performing animals with trainers on platforms, which are similar to the Barenholtz book examples, and rarely seen since their page debut.

Mechanical Bank collectors will be amazed at the selection offered in November by way of the Don Curran collection of California. Over 200 mechanical examples highlighting tin and cast iron join their close relatives, over 400 still banks with extremely elusive examples also from Don’s shelves and a few private consignments. Don Curran, a longtime member of the banking club world has shipped in his immense collection of penny savers for everyone to enjoy in the bidding opportunities. Don’s enthusiasm for collecting is evident by sheer numbers alone, and he went far into the banking search by including tin, wood, and cast iron in his want list, both in mechanical and still bank entries. No doubt the collection represents a quest in assembling a diverse collection and the enormity of the culled grouping shines with rare tin examples, both hand painted and lithographed, wooden varieties of whimsical banks, silvered still banks, themes galore, lead entries, Banthrico buildings, dime registering banks, cast iron (of course), and more.  This sale is especially tailored for the bank collector looking for a couple hard to find items, down to the beginning collector hoping to find a few great mechanical banks in the affordable limits. Get ready to view a rarely spotted Germania Exchange mechanical bank, or preview an ever popular example from the nearly 200 mechanicals, or 400 still banks to be offered. 

Rounding out the sale are cast iron autos, buses, work vehicles, and, oh yes, one of the best Vindex Farm toy groupings ever sold in the Vineland NJ Gallery. Pristine, near mint, and some direct from early dealership displays, the Vindex combines, Hay thrashers, and tractors are a dream come true for collectors of the very finest in farm toys. The collection comes from a private Midwest collection and promises to deliver a fresh harvest of buying opportunity. The pictures feature a tremendous line-up and note the almost unheard of Lockheed Airplane toy…wow!

Doorstop enthusiast have plenty of choices with Bradley and Hubbard adding weight to the grouping of over 100 examples. As always, the selection is chock full of great entries with themes running from people, animals, buildings, comical, and whimsical. Schoenhut collectors too, will have a splendid selection of people, animals, and whimsical toys, with a scattering of truly rare examples.

As if not enough, the sale also highlights the very important Doll collection from Stephanie Farago, author of the book The Magic and Romance of Art Dolls. Her entries are of course book examples, and the beauty of these Lenci and Boudoir dolls is stunning. The Bertoia Gallery has extended an entire room to show off their magic, and the view should be rewarded with collector approval.  Almost every imaginable pose and fashion creation is exhibited in fanciful child like images, and the session has become a very anticipated portion of the sale. From the noted Lenci Valentino Doll figure, to a charming Blossom Bridal party, complete with ring bearer, the collection is a marvel in collecting.

With nearly 2300 lots to be offered, this sale is one not to be missed.  Truly offering a "lot" for everyone.

The catalog displays every lot in full color, and the hard cover format insures a long life as reference material.

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