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About Toyzine.com - & 'TOY' Your Premium Toy Collector Magazine

Welcome to Toyzine.com, your go-to destination for toys and collectibles enthusiasts. Established in 1996 as the renowned international print magazine TOY (Toy Collector Magazine), Toyzine has been digitally shaping the vintage toys and collectibles industry since 1997, offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to collectors from all corners of the world.


Toy Collector Magazine, toys and collectibles magazineFounded: February 1996

Mission: To provide excellence of service in the worldwide spheres of toy collecting, information and retailing.

Prior to Toyzine's emergence as a website, it had a fruitful existence as a popular quarterly TOY Magazine - Toy Collector Magazine. The magazine is internationally recognized for its innovative design and layout, and is featured in two design reference book titled 1&2 Color Graphics, published by PIE Books Japan 1999 and Postcard Graphics published by PIE Books Japan 2000.

The name 'Toyzine' evolved from the original publication title 'TOY Magazine', an abbreviation more suited to the needs of the online medium.

Toyzine.com is a global site that provides service to the global toy and collecting community.





  • Online retailing and collecting opportunities for individuals and enterprises, with all sales free of hidden commissions and charges. The Toyzine retailer is able to deal directly with their customers, free of hindrance, via one or all of the following options: Free Classifieds; Your own Online Store in the Toyzine Mall, professionally designed and maintained, with a unique Web address; Banner advertising for effective business promotion.
  • An appraisal and valuation service. ValuePoint provides customers with a concise, professional valuation, utilising the expansive and unique resources at Toyzine's disposal.



Toyzine.com has been actively and continuously promoted in related industry media since 1997. The site is also featured prominently at many International Trade Shows and Events, in the USA, Japan and Australia.



Toyzine.com is the busiest antique and vintage toy related website and is continually expanding. As this is a high profile and specialised site, the percentage of serious potential customers for Banner advertisers & Toyzine Mall retailers is great. The site receives visitors from every corner of the globe and is here to serve as a focal point for enthusiasts and enterprises alike.



Your opinions & ideas are important to us here at Toyzine.com. All customer feedback is carefully reviewed and often improvements are made to our site and services based on your requests. Click here to send us your comments...



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