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  Wanted To Buy Description & Email Contact

B-AI Doo-Wop Bros Orchestra
I am looking for a circa 1995 B-AI Doo-Wop Bros Orchestra singing toy / clock. Features characters Dave, Jimmy, James & Roberto. Email: doowopbros@mac.com

  Baby Walk N' Play 1969 Mattel
Blue polka dot dress, comes with tennis racket and balls. Make by Mattel Japan 1969. EMAIL: jobson@execulink.com
  Bakelite, Catalin & Phenolic
Baby, Infant & Crib - Toys Manufactured in the US. I collect a wide variety of brands & styles, so am interested in buying great condition toys & associated literature and packaging. Email: Sekincer@aol.com

Batman Batcave Command Centre Playset
Country of manufacture: USA, Maker (if known): KENNER\HASBRO, Year of production (if known): 1992. Self-Storing playset with secret chamber, breakway skylights & catwalk, secret entrance & command console. Condition: Used. some wear & tear acceptable. Email: pmiller91@comcast.net

  Battle Beasts
Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts, Beastformers wanted. Figures, Accessories, Chariots, Bases, Japanese, American, European releases wanted. Also looking for paint errors, Knock Offs, Multi Coloured figures, carded or loose does not matter.Figures where produced from 1987 till about 1989. Email: eaoncarey@hotmail.com
  Beanie Kids
Australian Skansen Beanie Kids - Retired - Must have tags. Email: trinity_nugget@hotmail.com
  Beast Wars Transformers Transmetal Optimal Optimus
Maker: Hasbro Description: Must be complete and seller must be in Australia Condition: Fair to excellent condition with box and/or instructions Email: duck_sneeze@hotmail.com
BIG JIM AUSTRALIAN GOLD MEDAL Action Figure. Country of manufacture:Hong Kong. Maker:Mattel. Year of production:.1971. Action Figure was sold around 1975/1976 [Olympic Games1976]. Action Figure has push button on back to move right arm. Arm can flex bicep muscles. Yellow trunk with green stars/strips[Australian Colors] Yellow/green sport outfits,Box outfit,Warmup outfit.Running outfit with Australian Olympic Logo's. Email: bos.fam@bigpond.com
  Black Cauldron Figures
I am trying to find 2 Kellogg's The Black Cauldron figures that were released in the UK in mid-1980's from Cornflakes. I need Creeper and Horned King. Please contact me if you have any to sell and advise me of postage to UK please. Email: callum.phoenix@btinternet.com
  Blonde Kenner Blythe
Kenner, 197, Description - Looking for Blonde Kenner Blythe doll (1972). Would pay up do $300 plus shipping to Portugal (Europe). Any condition. Please send me pictures. Email: info@patricia-carvalho.com
  Bluebird Family and Treehouse Toy
Distributed by Tupperware in the 1970's. I believe they are manufactured by Bluebird Toys from Swindon, London. The Treehouse is green with a brown trunk, internal elevator and swing. The family consists of a mother, father, sister with yellow hair and a white dog with spots. The family also has a red car and the treehouse pops open to show rooms with basic furniture. Email: katewhit@hotmail.com
  Blurp Balls
90s base ball sized balls made of rubber with hideous faces that when squeezed shoots out another ball Prefferably unopened, but fair or above condition. Email: goldfish@libcom.com
  Board Game
Vintage board game, manufactured in the US in the mid-1950's. I believe it was called "Park and Shop" or "Stop and Shop". Players moved around the board to different stores, collecting items on a customized "shopping" list. They had the choice of either driving & parking before shopping, or walking. Those driving had to return to their "parking lot" to retrieve their car before returning home, those walking could just return home. The first player to collect all of the items on his or her list, and make it back home, won. EMAIL: efriday@att.net
  Board Games
"Mandarin" board game. It was produced by Mattel mabye 20 years ago.it is a board game with Chinese year animals printed on small coloured tiles (like scrabble tiles). They are kept in a dispenser in the middle of the board and you press a lever to dispense them. You move around the board and the first person to collect a full set of the one animal or one of each anmal on their card wins. Will pay a reasonable price. Email: bek_wek@f-m.fm
  Bond Collectables
I’m after any James Bond collectables (particularly from the 60s / Sean Connery Bond) and Doctor Who collectables (particularly from the 70s era). Email: merkfilm@ncable.net.au
  Bonzo the Dog
Any vintage (1920's - 1950's in particular) items relating to Bonzo the Dog or his creator, English illustrator George Studdy. All items considered: board games, soft toys, dexterity puzzles, ring-toss games... in fact ANYTHING (and that includes non-game items)! Please let me have details and prices by email. reg.richardson@virgin.net
USA by Axlon, 1986. These were the figures that you squeezed and they breathed a foul smell. I would like to find any Breathblasters in any condition. Email: triple_a_beats@iprimus.com.au
  Built-Rite Cardboard Toy Vehicles
There was a fire engine set with fire trucks and a gas station set with cars that I am looking for. I would like to buy the originals but I will be happy to pay for just a xerox copy of these toys. This is a nostalgia trip for me as these were my favorite toys when I was a child. Email: auslend@snet.net
  Care Bears
I am looking for 1980's version Care Bears that were distributed in the United Kingdom by Kenner. There were several bears in this series, and I would be interested in any of them. Would prefer bears in good condition, but would consider slight imperfections. Anyone wanting to sell their bears could contact me at mlee80550@aol.com and we could discuss price and conditions of sale.
  Care Bears
I am looking for the 16 original poseable 3 1/2 " Care Bears figures. I want the vintage collection (prior to 1990). in good to excellent condition. would accept nose or heart rubs. Email: alopez@sma.df.gob.mx
  Carmichael Plush Cat
I am looking for the plush Carmichael cat from Avon made in the 1980's. He is kind of an orange-ish/tan tabby striped cat with white belly and paws. I would like to find one in like new condition, but any will be considered. Would like to see picture if possible. Email: soapy83@hotmail.com
  Cartoon & Promotional Glasses
Howdy Doody, Old Disney glasses, Old Looney Tunes Glasses, Old Superman, Batman glasses, any old glasses, 1920's-1960's. Email: jimla@psci.net
  Cash Registers [Toy]
Polly Pocket Cash Register that opens into a Nursery. It is purple in color with pink buttons. Bluebird toys Swinden, England Made in China circa 1994. There are two kinds of this play set. One comes with a pastel yellow "drawer" and the other comes with a pastel green "drawer". I am looking for one that is Mint in Package or Mint in Box. Also mimi and the goo goos cash registers mint in package. One of them has a green drawer and the other has a yellow drawer. Email: pinkesnake@yahoo.com

Cat Game
Searching for late '70s/ early '80s children's game featuring a large cat's head, with a motorized tongue that little mice had to escape from before it was reeled back into the cat's mouth. Would love to get my hands on that game again, but don't even remember its name. Email: WildeJoker@aol.com

  Cat in The Hat 1970 Pull-String Doll
Wanted in good condition: 1970 cat in the Hat (Mattel) pull-string doll (cloth) with a plastic head that talks. Should be 12 inches or more from memory. Willing to pay top dollar provided it works and is in good clean condition. Email: jefferson1adler@hotmail.com
I'm seriously looking for ANY of the toys from this short-lived, yet entertaining 60's NBC television series that starred Robert Loggia as T.H.E. Cat. I'm not looking for items in the most pristine condition, but at least presentable (hopefully at least C-7), as I will probably will have it professionally mounted it in a pristine collectible frame. I have looked all over this planet for toys and memorabilia from this show, so PLEASE give me a call/email/or pony express should you have ANYTHING! Email: Catman33139@aol.com
  Cat-and-mouse game
I am searching for a toy (a certain cat and mouse game) which is I think from the late 70's but most likely early 80's - but I am not 100% certain on that. It consisted of a large grey-colored cats head, and you pulled a big long red tongue out of the cats mouth, which slowly retracted back into the cat's mouth when you started the game... Email: seanf31@hotmail.com
  Champion Boys Magazines
Champion boys magazines and annuals 1922 to 1955 alsoeagle comics 1950 to 1954 also modern boys magazines 1928 to 1939 all printed in england will buy swap sell trade please ask your friends if they have any. Email: jandbcolburn@ihug.com.au
  Champion Boys Magazines and Annuals
1922 to1957 also eagle comics 1950 to 1954 also modern boys magazines 1928 to 1939 all printed in england. Email: jandbcolburn@ihug.com.au
  Cheaop Toys and Crummy Candy
Cheaop Toys and Crummy Candy united states and united kingdom topps 1985-88 small solid plastic figures representing figures from garbage pail kids cards any condition. Email: hware2@cinci.rr.com
  Chinese Tin Toys
I am willing to pay high price for old Chinese toys especially those who has a "Rice Bowl with Chopsticks" logo. The Toy Company named "CHINA CAN". I will buy them in any condition. I will pay US$200.00 onwards. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you do need further assistance.Marvin Email: tgdt@pacific.net.sg
  Chrysler Royal
Looking for micro model of chrysler royal g/40 any condition. Email: mikesdotcom@hotmail.com
  Citroen Cars
Looking for the Large scale 1/7th scale 1924 B14 Citroen cars made by Brepsomy toys of France around the late 80's. They have opening doors, sliding windows and an electric motor. These are replicas of the 30's made Andre Citroen cars and are true scale models wonderfully made in pressed steel. Email: Vintagemade@aol.com
  Clown by R. Dakin & Co.,
1981, No. 118, he is about 11 inches tall, wears yellow overalls with a red and white striped shirt, has a light blue neck tie, and black shoes. I am helping a second grade teacher replace her 20 year class mascot, who has gone home with students every night since!!!! Please e-mail any information to jfitz@adams.net
  Clown From 1959
I'm looking for a toy clown from 1959 - 1962 era. To the best of my recollection, it was stuffed with bits of foam, and had a baby doll like plastic face which was white with clown painted face. It had no ears, just a pointed hat and stuffed ruffled suit in a blue stripe, shiny material with ruffle at the neck, wrists, and feet. I believe the hands were cloth and the feet also. Don't know the manufacturer. If anyone has one of these please contact me and send picture to: Email: lakehaven351@hotmail.com
  Coca Cola Yo Yo's
Looking to buy Coke, Coca Cola, Fanta yo-yo's, with a preference for Australian made Russell brand yo yos from any year, but I will consider anything on offer. Single yo yos or in bulk. Especially looking for full boxes. Good to mint condition. Email: john@getdata.com
  Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite yo yos
Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite yo yos Description: yo yos Condition: good, Maker: Russell, Year of Production: 1960s to present day.Brenton Bowe Email: bpjames@senet.com.au
  Comic Character
These were cardboard jointed comic characters that you had to assemble. (Circa 1945) There were ten in the complete series, consisting of Blondie, Popeye, Dick Tracy, etc. Would like to purchase them in large quantities, if possible. Email: capmind@optonline.net
  Comic Hero Punch-Out Book
Mighty Mouse Teeny Weeny Mini-Maquette Captain Marvel Comic Hero Punch-Out Book. Email: capmind@optonline.net
  Comic Strip Woo Loong Wong
Would like a copy of Woo Loong Wong, a comic book and comic strip which also appeared in Hong Kong newspapers in the early 1950's for sentimental reasons. Email: imfung@comcast.net
  Corgi 1/72 Scale Airplanes
Wanted for trade Corgi 1/72 scale airplanes. Have many 1/48 die-cast planes.Trying to convert to smaller scale collecting. Want Corgi Stuka 1/72. Nice collection of 1/48 fighters from Spec-cast, ERTL, Gearbox etc. Email: Louielvira@aol.com
  Corgi Bentley Continental
Any condition but interest of purchase will be greater for complete item. Either boxed or unboxed is OK but please be realistic when pricing. Country of manufacture - UK. Maker - Corgi. Either Black on Silver or Cream on Olive Green. Condition - Any. Preference will be given to complete items - ie, no missing or broken parts, chipped paint or well played with examples are acceptable. image1@webone.com.au
  Corgi Chipperfield Circus
Corgi Chipperfield Circus models Mirror Sprues wanted complete also single mirrors. Email: st_m@btconnect.com
  Corgi Husky Toys
Husky Toys and early Corgi Junior Toys in good condition; they do not need to be packaged, but good condition only please. Made in UK 1965-72. EMAIL: julian.soundy@virgin.net
  Corgi Juniors
Corgi Juniors Animal Trailer (Like Husky) in orange. Corgi Juniors Ford Transit wrecker in FALCK livery. Corgi Juniors (AVON) Land Rover Police wrecker. Keen to acquire these three - if you can help at all please Email: julian.soundy@virgin.net
  Corgi Kit 602 AA & RAC Boxes
must be unmade CORGI KIT 603 PITS, must be unmade. Made in the UK by Corgi/Mettoy, early 1960's, MUST BE UNMADE!! Email: coopuk_ebay@hotmail.com
  Corgi Toys DAF City Car
Corgi Toys DAF "City Car" from the 1970's (?) Made in England. With or without box. Please email photo or provide detailed description. Email: hbstanton3rd@hotmail.com
  Coronation Set
Clockwork tinplate 1939 Coronation Scot train set wanted. Reasonable condition. Part set O.K. Email: mc.av.hall@paradise.net.nz
  Cowsill DrumSet
Country of manufacturer: US? - Sold through Sears Catalog. Maker (if known): Chein Toy Company. Year of production: 1969. Description: Toy drum set sold through Sears Catalog with pictures of The Cowsills on bass drum. Condition: Would like at least deceent condition; to be used for a benefit auction on September 13, 2004 Email: cowsillfan@aol.com
  Curious George Plush Toy
Curious George plush toy Gund Early 1990s Approximately 20", with yellow shirt and cap, red cursive writing. NOT the more common red shirt/cap. Any condition. Email: jennem@prodigy.net
  Curse of the Cobra
I don't know where it was made, but I saw it in 1980. Its a plastic toy that has two cobras in an upright position poised over a plastic coffin. The coffin has either a mummy, skeleton, or a vampire in it. The coffin also has many holes on the perimeter. Miniature ankhs fit into the holes, and when you put it into the correct hole, the snakes snap shut on your wrist. I'd like it in good - fair condition. A little use wont kill it, but as long as it works with all its parts. I will pay a fair price for it. Please Email Dani at BUTTERCUPGURRL@hotmail.com
  Daihatsu Three Wheel Trucks
Daihatsu Three Wheel Trucks by Nomura Toy 1960's, I prefer yellow one, but any color ok. Email : kj-on@air.linkclub.or.jp
  Dakin Plush Clown "Corky"
I am looking for a plush stuffed clown named "Corky" made by the Dakin company in the early to mid 1980s. It is about 10 inches tall. It has a cream-colored or white face and pink, fringed hair. Its body is pink on one side and light purple on the other. I believe that it had a purple ruffle around its neck and face. It also has a peaked head. Email: samrizal@bellatlantic.net
  Deluxe Comic Book
I am looking for Fisher ~ Price Deluxe Comic book and Tape set that was made between 1985 - 1988. There is six tapes all together featuring Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Knights, Frankenstein and Robin Hood. Will take without comic books as long as tapes play and are in great condition. It is more important to have Arabian Knights, Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland since I own the other three. Email: tcapezza@yahoo.com
  Derrick Model No. 495
Mfg. by Betts & Boddeus Manufacturing Co. 1601 Howard street Detroit michigan around 1945 or later. Must have all the pats that came with it when it was new. Email: jcole21@tampabay.rr.com
  Die-Cast Cars
1.an ERTL Airwolf helicopter 3 pack set that included the Airwolf  helicopter,Santini Air (stars and stripes)helicopter and Santini  Air(stars and stripes) jeep all from the TV show "Airwolf".i would like the complete kit but would be interested in purchasing any one of the individual items if anyone has them. 2.any small scale die-cast cars from the TV show "CHiP's" (manufactured by Imperial Toy Corp. ) 3. a Corgi red Ford Thunderbird from the TV show "Vega$" 4. an ERTL "Bandit" semi truck(tractor trailer) and play set kit containing the trans am,elephant and police cars and miniature cardboard town all from the movie "Smokey and the Bandit" 5. an ERTL "Dukes of Hazzard" play set that contains 5 vehicles from the TV show and a miniature cardboard town. 6. a red Camaro from the TV show "simon and Simon" made by ERTL. these were all produced in the early 80's. Email: chrisdayws6@yahoo.com
  Diecast Airport Set
Diecast airport set made in Japan by I think Bandai. My father bought this for me back in the mid 1970 in China town San Francisco. Very detail set that included Jumbo 747 Pan Am jet and ground vehicles. Thank you, Carlos Email: click here to send email

Diecast Construction Models
Looking for diecast construction models from nzg conrad gescha and any old caterpillar stuff. Paying top dollar for MIB stuff. Email: orders@diecastdude.com

  Disney Princess Tiny Figurine Pocket Playset
Made in China, copyright 1998, copyright Disney, Bluebird Toys (UK) LTD Swindon England, stamped on back of product. It is a small plastic container approximately 8cm X 10cm which opens up. Inside are tiny removable figurines and attached props. I have a Princess Aurora playset and am looking for Belle and Jasmine sets. New or gently used with all pieces intact. Originally bought these items at Disney World in the park or at a store in Downtown Disney, April 2004. My daughters love them. The Belle and Jasmine sets were lost when our basement playroom flooded. Email: pkherman@msn.com
  Dodge - hard rubber 1935 Dodge auto
and/or 1935 Dodge stake truck made in 1930s, each approximately 4 inches long, white rubber tires, "Dodge" I.D. on each vehicle. Email: click here to send email
  Doll Baby Carriage
WTB: Doll baby carriage in 1/4 scale. Preferably English Nanny style.  Stands about 9 to 10" height about 5" wide. Have seen them, but don't  know what the manufacturer was is or the vintage... possible 50's 60's or later. Possibly earlier. Metal construction - more like a scale model. Also any help in locating. And any suggestions on using a search string. Email pennylou@ihug.com.au
  Dusty Doll
I am looking for a doll probably from the early to mid 70's she was larger than a barbie doll but very similar I think her name was Dusty, she had shorter blonde hair and dressed in a sports outfit (maybe a soccer outfit? Email: click here to send email
  Electric Guitar (toy)
Country of manufacture - unknown, probably US Sears. From 1970-1972 Sears Wish Book Catalogue Toy electric guitar with amplifier. Made of metal (tin?). Suction cup connects guitar to battery-powered amp with fabric cord. Any condition acceptable, also searching for photos of the guitar. Email: smeechi@aol.com
  Ertl Armored Truck Bank
Looking for 1959 Ertl GMC Armored Truck bank Promo for Mega Bank Now Mega Bank from the Denver area MIB Thanks, I Buy and sell Any and all Variations of Armored Truck for the Money Transporation Business Only Not Military Vehicles. Email: RangerHaga@aol.com
  Eureka French pedal cars
Wanted to buy Eureka French made metal pedal cars from the 1920's to 1960's. Mostly very good condition with minimum missing parts. Please contact us in the UK. Email: click here to send email
  Felix The Cat
Old Felix the Cat toys, especially old tin toys or windups. Please email and let me know what you got. Email: jasonberti@sbcglobal.net
Anything at all. Posters especially. Placards, wrappers, adverts. Email pictures preferred. Genuine collector. Email: nkenny@iprimus.com.au
  Fish Toys
Plastic/tin/rubber Part(s). Anything fish. With or without the box!!! If I don't have it I will want it. Feel free to e-mail me at any time. click here to send email
  Fisher Price
I am looking for replacement stickers for the vintage Fisher Price A Frame House and also for the vintage Fisher Price House. Email: 4everinlove@comcast.net
  Fisher Price Big Action Garage
I am looking for a Fisher Price Big Action Garage. It is grey, with yellow corkscrew ramp, blue & red accents. It comes with 2 cars & 1 tow truck. It was manufactured in 1996-1998. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada & will pay for shipping. Email: paul.iwankow@shaw.ca
  Fisherprice Muppet Miss Piggy Puppet
1977 fisherprice muppet miss piggy puppet in good to fair condition. Reasonably priced . please e-mail Amanda click here to send email
  Ford Consul Capri
I am looking for a plastic model of a 1961-65 FORD CONSUL CAPRI made by FAIRYLITE in Hong Kong. It was approx 6"- 8+ long and in red (I don't know if they made other colours). I collect any models of Ford Classis and Capris, so any information would be grateful. Email: d.southward@ntlworld.com
  Frankenstein Toy
Need a 1963 Marx Battery Operated Frankenstein battery cover for the hand held remote. Also the original box. Email: bohan7@comcast.net
  Gamda Toys
Gamda toys from Israel - we are a private gallery, based in Valencia Spain, and are currently looking for Gamda toys. If you have any you wish to sell, or know of anyone else who may have, please get in touch. We are prepared to pay top market prices. Email: info@galerianavarro.com
  German Schuco
German Schuco Piccolo models from 1957 - 1969 I always look for Schuco Piccolo models in mint or near mint condition with or without the original boxes. Please mail to Max Deumens, Odenbachstr. 35, 52396 Heimbach, Germany or Email: click here to send email
  Giant Brand Plastic Figures
I am extremely interested in any "Giant" Brand Plastic Figures produced during the 1960s. They came in all colors of plastic and were sold at supermarket toy section. They are about 1/2 tall, have big round heads and body, with big eyes and ears, mounted on a round base. Email: hankmartin@hotmail.com
  Gilligan's Floating Island
Country of manufacture: USA?, Maker (if known) : Playskool, Year of production (if known)1970's, Description Floating playset, Name : Jennifer Pavin, Email: click here to send email
  Gloworm Baby
Looking for 1984 Hasbro glo baby - soft pastel body with  a sort of green checkered pattern, and strands of blonde hair sticking out of its cap. Preferably good condition. Email: nan617@sc.rr.com
  Green Machine
made by Big Wheels in the 1970's. New or like new. Email: clcik here to send email
  Green Machine
looking for a green machine by big wheels made in the 1970s, good condition Lori killingsworth Email: click here to send email
  Hasbro - My Little Pony Ceramic or plastic/vinyl Ponies
Made in Macau, Euro/Uk, Germany, China, HongKong, sold everywhere. Dated from 1982-1992. I am MOSTLY interested in the "baby" ponies that are 3 inches tall and they have a colorful design all over their body. These Ponies ALWAYS say Hasbro and have a year on the bottom of their feet. These are plastic/vinyl Ponies that are different colored and you can comb their long hair and tail. These items also have designs on their hips and some have the design all over their body. Also, I am interested in the brochures/catalogs that advertise these Pony Toys... Hasbro Catalogs too. NOTE: These are NOT cabbage patch ponies. Veronica Email: click here to send email

Hasbro Jurassic Park and Lost World Toys
Seeking 1993 Kenner and circa 1997 Hasbro Jurassic Park and Lost World Tyrannosaurus toys. The particular models in question should look as follows: The 1993 Rex should be reddish-brown in colour and have a compartment between the hind legs for a battery. It doesn't matter to me whether or not it still makes any sounds, providing there aren't any tears in the latex, it isn't missing any body-parts and has as little paint-wear as possible. The 1997 Rex can be either pale green in colour with some manner of head action, or dark green with a slit in the belly for things to be removed (there are two models). The accessories they came with are desired, but not necessary, providing the dinosaurs are still in good, unbroken condition. Willing to buy or trade. Email: quicksilver_elmrhyssa@hotmail.com

  Hasbro My Little Pony
Made in the 1980s through to early 1990s, many different sizes and colours, (babys, Aduslts, unicorns, pegasus) They made from soft plastic, and have brushable manes and tails, some had fur over there body (like felt). They were sold in most countries. I'll take any condition ponies, willing to be good money. Email: roseycp@hotmail.com
  Hasbro Ride-on Inch Worm
Looking for 1970's Hasbro green ride-on Inch Worm. Has yellow seat, wheels and hat. Please contact me if you have one.  Email: k_jernigan@wfec.com
  Hasbro ride-on Inch Worm
Looking for 1970's Hasbro green ride-on Inch worm. It has a yellow seat hat and wheels. It creeps along while you ride it. Please contact me if you have one. Email: Jbecker@new.rr.com
  Hasbro Weebles Cottage
play set made in 1973. This is the one with the yellow roof! As near mint as possible. Please Email me if you have one. Email: click here to send email
  Hornby O Trains with NZR logo
Nigel Boyle, P.O.Box 28-014 Beckenham, Christchurch, New Zealand. Tel + 643 3299193 Fax + 643 3299196 Email: click here to send email

Hot Wheels Revvers Side Car
Yellow plastic c/w connector and rider, 1972 Hot Wheels. Email: rtbucket@rogers.com

  Hot Wheels Toy Car
Hot Wheels Car "HotSeat" number 118 from 2003 diecast series. Mattel no 57093. Email: janlyn55@hotmail.com
  Humpty Dumpty Crank Toy
My first toy (1952) was a little plastic Humpty Dumpty. He had a little crank on his side and when you turned the crank, he would recite the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. I do not know who the manufacturer was. Humpty was about 7" tall, I think. I lost him during the late 60's and have never forgotten him. If I were lucky enough to find one in working condition, that would be so cool. Email: bartley70@comcast.net
  IDEAL Bendy Monkey/Chimp
Would like to purchase and/or find any information on this "bendy" smiling monkey or maybe it's a chimp, in any condition. He's about 4" tall, kind of caramel colored, has painted on blue shorts (no other clothing). On back of shorts is stamped: 1971 IDEAL HONG KONG P. Made of some kind of rubber and seems like wire in his limbs. The bottom of his left foot has "1" stamped on it. I don't know if he's a known character or not - anyway, not one that I can figure out. I don't know if he was part of a set or sold individually. I don't know why but there are some kind of manufacturer's pierced holes on the back of his arms, bottom of feet, his shorts and his back. Do you know ANYTHING about this toy? I haven't seen it again ANYWHERE . I have the one my little sister and I played with and would like to surprise her with one for her 40th birthday. Email: ohmarcella@comcast.net
  Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) Figures/Playsets
Looking for Indiana Jones toy figures and playsets from early eighties. Also later items like the micro-machines line. Just started to collect them. EMAIL: click here to send email
  International Velvet Model Horse
I am looking to purchase the model horse "ARIZONA PIE" from the 1978 movie "INTERNATIONAL VELVET" the sequel to National Velvet. This model was made by Kenner in 1978. The horse was a flocked dark brown with a black hair mane and tail and came with a saddle and bridle plus some other accessories. I would like the horse in good to mint condition with the saddle and bridle. The original box and other accessories would be great but I will be happy with just the horse and tack. Email: AUSTRALIAx@aol.com
  Jackie Gleason Tin Toy
Jackie Gleason spring powered tin toy, i believe it was manufactured by wolverine co. in the 50's perhaps, any condition considered, but good to excellent desired. Click here to send email 
  James Bond - 007 TOYS
THUNDERBALL Frogman in Box. Made by Lonestar toys in 1965/66, HUSKY 007 ASTON MARTIN on CARD Made by Corgi 1968, THUNDERBALL SCUBA MASK in BOX Made by AMF-VOIGHT CORP. 1965/66. Always looking for any unusual UK 007 items - props, costumes, promotional items. Email: click here to send email
  James Bond Camera Gun
I am looking for a James Bond Camera Gun manufactured by Multiple Toymakers. Email: pamfranklin1@mac.com
  Jem and the Holograms
A 'Truly Outrageous!' doll line produced by Hasbro during the 80's (c. 1985-1987). I'm searching mainly for mint-condition boxed items such as dolls, stationery and other unique collectables, but would also be interested in all manner of children's books, including the illustrated UK Annuals, Golden Books, and coloring books. E-mail me also about Jem apparel, wearable items and accessories! I welcome any and all advertisements! Click here to send email
  Jem and the Holograms
made by Hasbro in the 80s (1985-1987) in places including the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Looking mainly for nude dolls and loose fashions (possibly boxed dolls and fashions) in decent condition. Very interested! Email: makebelievegirl@hotmail.com
  Jem and the Holograms
Truly Outrageous Jem! Hasbro 1985-1988 I'm looking for anything and everything Jem and the Holograms, the Misfits and the Stingers. I would be willing to buy nude dolls, up to prototype unproduced items, and much more. I'm trying to create the most complete Jem and the Holograms collection and web site, everything I collect is shared with other Jem fans. The more uncommon something is the more I would love to get my hands on it. Jem was produced by Hasbro from 1986-1987, Hasbro canceled the line after starting production on the 1988 line. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Jigglers made by Russ Berries
Years of production mid 60's. Oily creatures with names like ,Wuver, Hopeless Jester and many others. Ultimately would have a tag or marked "RDF" and the year (ie 66) Please email: RKinney355@snet.net
  Johnny Hero Figures
Country of manufacture :: Hong Kong + Maker (if known) :: Rosko + Year of production (if known) :: 1965 - 1968 + Description :: First fully posable sports action figure. I'm interested in purchasing, selling or trading. + Condition :: C4+ condition. EMAIL : click here to send email
  Julip Model Horses
A keen collector seeks Julip model horses to add to her collection! Having collected madly during the '70s and '80's, I'm now looking for Julip horses and accessories to add to my collection. EMAIL: fosterdebbie@hotmail.com
  Julip Model Horses
A mad keen collector of Julip model horses, ponies and accessories is desperately looking for items to expand her collection!  Any age or condition of model welcome - mashed legs or missing manes are not a problem. I'm an older collector, so a swift agreement on price, and prompt payment and collection is assured. Email: fosterdebbie@hotmail.com
  Julip Model Horses
Any of the old type Julips or the Julip originals, not the current Horse of the Year range. Any condition, any age considered. Reasonable price paid and loving home awaits with enthusiastic private collector. Email: click here to send email
  Julip Model Horses
Country of manufacture UK, Maker - Julip, Year of production 1945-present day. I am looking for Julip Model Horses and accessories. Any age/condition considered. Good price paid by keen collector. EMAIL: Click here to send email
  Justice League Figures
Justice League Figures from 1966, Portugal, Ideal Toy Company, 1966. Have my original set of Flash, Wonder Woman, Mouseman and Thunderbolt. I know there was a Batman, Robin and villain set. What else??? Email: comicbooks@se.rr.com
I am looking for Kellogg's The Black Cauldron figures that were released in the UK in 1985. I need Princess Eilonwy and HenWen in any colour, Blue Taran and Green Horned King. Email: madokakishi@hotmail.com
  Kenner "Trail-Tracker Hound Dog"
This was a late seventies offering that featured battery powered plastic dogs that followed a crayon line. I am interested in these toys in any condition (to be used for science class experiment.) Also interested in the cars that performed the same feat. Chris Email: click here to send email
  Kenner 1979 Alien Movie Viewer Cassettes
Looking to buy movie viewer cassettes that Kenner produced in 1979 to go with the short lived alien toy line. They came separately and were used in the turn crank alien movie viewer put out the same year. Email: swfan1970@yahoo.com
  Kermit The Frog Stuffed
Kermit The Frog Stuffed toy. Fisher Price original 1976-1977. New or gently used. Canadian buyer - Email: ann.parkes@sympatico.ca
  Kiss Guitar Toy
Hong Kong / U.S.A. by Carnival Toys, 1977-78. Toy guitar, 31" long, stringed, with photo sticker of KISS on body. Boxed (preferred)/ M.O.C. or Mint/ EX loose. - Will buy or trade. Email: click here to send email
  Knight Rider 2000 Voice activated Car
Knight Rider 2000 Voice Activated (english speaking) Car. Car and Michael Knight. Mint or unused. By Kenner 1982+. Email: karenhewitt@optusnet.com.au
  Wanted To Buy Description & Email Contact
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If anyone has any used unwanted Lego they want to sell, please let me know. I will pay for all postage costs. Email: jenniffa@iprimus.com.au
  Leo the Lop Stuffed rabbit toy
Leo the Lop was a toy inspired by the "Leo the Lop" children's books written by Stephen Cosgrove - reissued 2002 by serendipity books. Email elly.mck@aapt.net.au
  Little Akita
battery operated, Country of manufacture - Japan?,Maker - Masudaya, Description - Small white Akita that walks and stops and nods head. Condition - Any, Cindy Email: click here to send email
  Little Bear Characters
PVC figures of the Little Bear characters. There are multiple play sets. Most have the artist's name (Sendak) on the package. The toys are based on the Nickleodeon children's television series which is based on the book written by Else Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Email: krickles@charter.net
  Little Black Box
Manufactured in the 1980s has a switch on the top ,when switched on a hand appears from inside the box and switches itself off again. Any condition considered. Email: maccer@connectfree.co.uk
  Loc Blox - Mickey's Gas Station
I am looking for a Mickey's Service Staton Loc Blocs set. It was made by Entex in the 70's - 80's. Please email: jongage@hotmail.com
  Lone Ranger and Silver
I am looking for the Lone Ranger and Silver figures made by Garbriel/Marx in the seventies? I had them as a kid and thought it would be great to try and pick them up again. Email: TheWagles@aol.com
  Looney Tunes and Disney Drinking Glasses
1930's Looney Tunes and Disney Drinking Glasses- Looking to buy drinking glasses from the 1930's featuring Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies characters. Some glasses will have LSC copyright. Also interested in many Disney glasses from this era. Email: psmerolle@verizon.net
  Lunch Bunch
Pass the Mustard (Game) (Lakeside No. 8362) Country of manufacture: United States Maker: Lakeside/Lakeside Industries/Leisure Dynamics, Inc. Year of production: Copyrighted 1975 and was Sold in 1976 Description: Plastic Container Shaped like a Yellow Mustard Jar with breakaway bottom and small plastic Hot Dogs to drop into it. Part of a 3 Game Series called the Lunch Bunch Games. The Manufacturer Product Number is, "Lakeside No. 8362". Condition: Any condition will be fine. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Magic Wand Speaking Reader
1983, Made by Texas Instruments, makers of the speak and spell/speak and math etc. in good to excellent condition, with the original books if possible. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Man from U.N.C.L.E Cap Gun
I'm after a MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E toy cap gun from the 1960s made by Lone Star. It was metallic blue with red handles. Email: sylvan.naidoo@ukgateway.net
  Marble boxes full, partly or empty
Would be interested in buy older marble boxes full, partly with marbles or empty. Contact Vernon L. Holm P.O. Box 735 Woodstock, Illinois 60098 Tel + 815-338-7373 Email: holm@stans.net
  Massey Ferguson Toy Tractor
Grey in colour. Produced in Australia in 1950s. Wanted as replacement for another lost many years ago. Email: janmalloy@bigpond.com
  Masters of the Universe
early set (1981-90) produced by Mattel;all action figures and all vehicles&accessories,only in blister. Email: click here to send email
  Matchbox pre-superfast carousel
in which to display my collection. The item need not be in perfect cond., as long as it is suitable for displaying. Email: click here to send email
  Mattel Child Doll
Made in China by Mattel from 1986-1988. They are a cloth doll with cloth covered vinyl head and rooted hair, may have a green heart on bottom though not always. In any condition. I'd also be interested in any catalogues featuring these dolls. Email: armstroj@bigpond.com.au
  Mattel P.J. Sparkles Doll
I am looking for a doll called P.J. Sparkles, which was maufactured by Mattel in America in the late 1980's. It's a hard plastic blond girl doll with a button on her stomach and when pressed her heart and a pink crown on her head light up. Also, not only does the crown light up, but it the light shines pictures of butterflies on the ceiling. It doesn't matter what condition she is in as long as ahe still lights up. Email:ooogeebooboo@yahoo.com
  Mattel Plush PJ Pink Bunny
1989 MATTEL PLUSH PJ SPARKLES, PINK BUNNY, GLOWING STAR BUNNY, pink satin with stars material on arms, legs, body, ears, and top/backside of head; beaded necklace with 'I love you' heart; plastic blue eyes and pink nose; Would love to find a replacement for my sister so that she can put "Sparkles" in a safe place. New or used condition. Any info you may have regarding the manufacturer, name of bunny or where I may find one - is ok too. Email: postalmom2@msn.com
  Mattel Talking Puppy Patter Pillow
I am looking for a Mattel Talking Puppy Patter Pillow (1966). He was blue with purple ears and had a pull string.I remember he said "you'd cry too if you were painted blue" I would like it in working condition but would still take it nonworking. EMAIL: shaggy3kids@aol.com
  Mattel Toy Gun Set
I'm looking for a Mattel Fanner 50 Buffalo Hunter Set from the late 50's. It had 1- fanner 50 pistol, 1- rifle, 1- plastic bowie knife and holster. It used the grey plastic bullets for both the pistol and rifle along with greenie stick-um caps. Email: FIREPROS@aol.com
  McDonalds McNugget Buddies
Looking for specifically 1991 McDonalds McNugget Buddies toys as well as McDonalds Flintstone Kids toys from 1988. Any info on where to purchase these toys either from a wholesaler, private seller, or even if you own these toys yourself and are looking to unload them. Email: djsuprafan@hotmail.com
  McDonalds Toys
I am looking for old 1980's-early 1990's McDonalds toys, mostly the chicken nuggets with interchangable costumes / also called potato heads. I also would like the old pom-pom / bush like creatures with big eyes and has legs and feet. Other old toys may be acceptable, all of which need to be in good shape, NOT BROKEN. Will pay price asked within reasonable price range. PLEASE send pictures of toys if possible. Email: djsuprafan@hotmail.com
  McNugget Buddy Toys
Looking SPECIFICALLY for 1991 McNugget Buddy toys from McDonalds. Interested only in the year 1991, especially entire sets of McNugget toys from that year. Willing to pay best reasonable offer. I would appreciate photos of the toys before purchasing. Please send pictures with email. Thank you! Email: djsuprafan@hotmail.com
  Mechanical Bartender
I am looking for a Mechanical Bartender made in the late 50's, early 60's that shakes his drink, takes a swig, then smoke comes out of his ears. Any condition. 724-283-7678. Email me at debbiegaudino@zoominternet.net
  Men In Black Neuralizer
Country of manufacture - USA? Maker - Galoob (pretty sure). Year of production - 1997. Plastic neuralizer toy, in near mint or good condition, uninterested in original packaging. Click here to send email
  Metal Gear Solid
I want all Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty action figures by McFarlane Toys. I want them either still in there packets or loose, complete and mint versions. If anyone has some that they want to sell please contact me at Email - prototype_jedi@bigpond.com
  MGA Models
Any vintage, quality, mga model (singles or collections) made by Abingdon Classics, Top Marques, Japanese Tin (SSS, Bandai, etc), Schuco, Marx/Disney, Arnold, Kawaguchi, Spot-on, etc. I'm also looking for a Tri-ang pedal car of the mga, and mgas from the space patrol, police patrol, Popeye, olive oil, etc. series. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Mini Comic Book
That was included in the 1975 Big Jim figures in good quality shape, I believe that every figure of the year came with one. I believe that it is about 14 pages long. Email: ltschritter@shredit.com
  Miniature Tractor and Implement Magazine
I am looking for the November 1982 issue of Miniature Tractor and Implement magazine. My dad is pictured in the magazine and I would like to find a copy for him. I am in Fargo, ND. Email: Ddelby1@aol.com
  Model Car/Truck Kits from 50's-70's
I am willing to buy your old Vintage model truck/car kits. If you have a large collection of these that have just been sitting in your basement or storage, please give me an email. I would mainly like any old MPC, AMT, or Revell models but I will consider others. Condition- I would like for the kits to have their original boxes. Also all parts need to be included. If you dont know whether there all there or not, that is ok. I am also willing to buy built kits. Make Some cash from those old model cars and trucks! Email modelmogul@insight.rr.com
  Monster Maker Kit
Topper 1960's Motorized Monster Maker kit and any of its accessories in any condition. "Ogre" was the basic kit which came with molds, oven and motorized parts to make creepy monsters. Email: click here to send email
  Moon Walker Toy
I am looking for a toy that I had as a child. I am not sure what it is called I called it a moon walker. It is silver in color and had black spokes with round pads for wheels one on each side (only two), it also had a black round spool on the side like a wench. the tow was battery operated. I have been truing to find this toy for several years with no luck.If any one can help please contact me. This toy would have been made in the 1960's. Email: anlricks@bellsouth.net
I am looking for a cruiser style motorbike (not sports) in 1/12th scale, new or old. I currently belong to a miniatures club and I would like to make a bikers scene using the bike and two dolls which I have made. Please if anyone has any suitable bikes or knows of any manufacturer who may supply one please Email: cj.jones@tiscali.co.uk
  Mr Bim Monkey
I would like to buy a stuffed monkey (plastic face)from the 1960's known as Mr. Bim. This item should be in good to excellent condition. Email: click here to send email
  Mr. Snow-Cone Maker
I believe it was manufactured in the U.S. I received a Mr. Snow-Cone Maker for my tenth birthday in 1963. It was a white metal "machine" with a compartment for ice cubes under the "snowman's" hat. You turned a handle in the back and it created shaved ice. The kit came with little paper cones and plastic packets of flavoring for the snowcones. Would be interested in purchasing this item in at least good condition. This was my favorite childhood toy. Please reply by return email. Thanks! EMAIL: click here to send email
  Musical Donkey
I am looking for a little stuffed donkey, that is musical and plays the tune "Come back to Sorrento". It was two toned: white and a soft aqua with some yellow whiskers. It was free standing. We of course would like it to be in good condition and still playing its song. It was from the year 1975 and up. Email: cshelton885@msn.com
  My Child Dolls
Looking for anything My Child doll related in decent condition ( I do not mind restoring/cleaning). Produced in China, Taiwan and Canada by Mattel but found all over the world. They are soft cloth dolls with jointed limbs (email me for an example photo if needed). Can do and enjoy overseas transactions. If you think you have one, please email me. EMAIL: kozypup@yahoo.com
  My Child Dolls
Felt faced dolls
with felt soft body, dolls from the 1980's with or without green hearts on the butt, genuine collector seeks both boy and girl dolls, dressed or undressed, clothes, shoes, lockets or any other accessories that came with these dolls, Highest price paid for a long haired redhead (hair to back of knees or longer) also brunettes and strawberry blondes, pics would be appreciated and I am more than happy to trade if you are also a collector, Email click here to send email
  My Child Pet or My Pet
These mid-eighties, adorable USA Mattel made pets were companions to the My Child dolls. They are about 15" long and jointed. They came in Cat (pink and yellow), dog (blue and brown), bunny(white and lavender), and bear (grey and brown) varieties. The face, palms, and bottom of feet are a soft velvet material, pale cream color. The fur covering the body is soft and plush. The color of the fur varies depending on the type of animal. The correct name for them is My Pet, but some people may refer to them as My Child Pets. If you need a pic, I can email one. I will buy in any condition. Please contact me at EMAIL: jazzg101@yahoo.com
  My Little Ponies
My little ponies and moondreamers dolls, Maker: hasbro, Year of production: 1980's, Please e-mail me if you have any my little ponies or moon dreamers dolls for sale. Thanks! Email: lovehaze@hotmail.com
  My Little Pony
marked "Hasbro" on bottom of feet, unless it is from a foreign country. Looking to buy from 1983-90. Also looking for accessories. No major flaws, like pen/marker marks or bad hair cuts. I will pay a fair value. EMAIL: freefall951@hotmail.com
  My Little Pony
Ponies and accessories such as clothing and combs. Country of manufacture - Macau, spain, france,italy, no country stamp, some Hong Kong and China. Maker (if known) - Hasbro. Year of production (if known) - 1982-1992 + 2003 onwards MIB. I am looking for My Little Ponies and their accessories from the eighties and early nineties. Big clear out lots ideal but even if you just have one or two items I would still be interested. Those with no country markings or countries other than Hong Kong or China are paticularly wanted. Condition - any considered but not major haircuts or chewed plastic please. Email: licclefreak@aol.com

My Little Pony
They must be made by Hasbro with little to no markings or hair cuts. I'm looking for anything to do with my little pony, ponies, books, games, playsets. Iam a collector and like old and new ponies. Email: amanda19jayne@yahoo.com.au

  My Little Pony Figures
My little pony figures MINT IN BOX (sealed never been played with) of All adult ponies from 1980s - 1990s NO 2003/2004 ponies!!! Megan and sun dance all baby ponies molly and baby sundance the flutter ponies new born twin ponies lullaby nersery. Email: sammy22222273114@yahoo.com
  My Little Pony Ponies and Friends
Manufactured in Italy, Hong Kong, plus elsewhere. Maker is Hasbro. I want ponies and friends made from the 1980's and 1990's. I would like any ponies and friends- my 4 year old daughter loves to play with these and newer ones are made small and skimpy! Also interested in playthings, clothes, houses etc. that go with my little ponies. These were also sold under other names like El Greco, Mon Petit Poney, etc. on other countries. Condition- No tears, chews, or major hair cuts. Marks etc okay but I would like a description. Email: click here to send email
  My Little Pony Toys
Country of manufacture Differs (usually hong kong or china). Maker Hasbro. Year of production Anywhere from 1982 -1991. Little ponies are Vinyl horses, unicorns, pegasus ponies of all
different colors, and with all different markings on their butts. Some have gem eyes, some are furry, some have wings etc. Email: Orchidsnsabotage@aol.com
  New French My Little Pony
Made in France by Hasbro in 2000-2002. I am looking for a number of the My Little Pony items currently available in French stores. Condition: MIB/MOC Email: click here to send email
  Nintendo NES Games
Would like to buy any Nintendo NES games, consoles or accessories. Games should be PAL format, and prices will be negotiated according to condition. Email samhead_64@hotmail.com
  Novelty Toy
Looking for 1950s/60s novelty toy--you press a switch on a box and a hand comes out and turns the switch off. I don't know the name of the toy. Email: ekarlin@usa.net
  Nylint Military Electric Cannon
Nylint military Electric Cannon toy truck (circa '55-'60?) Some rust alright, but want all the parts (missiles) and motors working. Email: click here to send email
  Old Cast Iron Money Boxes
I buy and swap old cast iron money boxes. Preferably English & American early last Century, also the Australian William Tell money box. Best prices paid dependant on condition. Send photos and let me know what you collect and maybe we can do a swap ?. Email: click here to send email
  Old Toys
Any My Little Pony, Barbie, Care Bears, GI Joe, Transformers, Cabbage Patch Kids, JEM, and any other toys from the 70's, 80's, and EARLY 90's in ANY CONDITION! Especially looking for toys listed! Please e-mail me with a detailed description and pictures and price you are asking!! EMAIL: click here to send email
  Old Wood Noah's Ark
Wanted ark with original boat and animals, good condition but does not have to be mint. Prefer 1800's but would even consider new if beautifully crafted and of the highest quality. EMAIL: shdever@aol.com
  Old Wooden and Metal Toy Cash Registers
Wooden: 1998 or earlier "Childcraft" (Mint Condition) and/or 1966 "Creative Playthings" (any condition), any wooden cash register with pop-up numbers. Metal: "Little Storekeeper" completely gray with shinny Chrome face (Mint Condition), "Musical KamKap" yellow in color(Mint Condition), "Champion" black in color with gold writing (Mint Condition). Any metal ones in Mint Condition with no rust, dings, or dents. Email: pinkesnake@yahoo.com
  Optical Toys
Toys that create the illusion of motion; These are drum-shaped devices that contain sequential drawing strips. When spun, the images "animate." Praxinoscope, Zoetrope, et al. Email: capmind@optonline.net
  Other World Sci-fi / Fantasy Bendy Figures
Made in Australia (and the entire English speaking world) by ARCO toys from 1982-1985. These D&D knock off figures tend to be found at flea markets. They will have the company name ARCO molded on the toy. Description: Colorful 3 3/4" scale bendy fantasy figures and monsters with Glow-in-the-dark weapons. Nice loose items always preferred, but I won't turn down carded and boxed items. Contact details: Name GUY REDWING Email click here to send email
  Palitoy Action Man Air Manual
(came with 60's Action Pilot). Will pay reasonable price for one in good condition. Email: clcik here to send email
  Petster Cat
I am looking for the instruction manual/or copy of one for the Axlon Petster Deluxe remote control cat. Email: Kyncl-ParksH@michigan.gov
  Petster Cat
I used to have this item as a child in the 80s. It's a good sized remote controlled cat. It can also be used without the remote control leash. If anyone has one of these please contact me through email anytime. EMAIL: MKwolf23@aol.com

Pigs In The Garden
A game, which I think was called "PIGS IN THE GARDEN"? The game had little plastic animals and you had to keep the pigs out of the garden. This was a board game. There may have been ducks or other farm animals, but I am not sure. I don't know where it was made or who made it. I would be willing to pay a fair price for the game. Even if you don't have this game to sell, but you have any further information about it (name, manufacturer, etc..) please feel free to email me. Cana2262@aol.com

  Pirate Teddy
I'm looking for a teddy bear which is a pirate. It has wearing a red & yellow stripy t-shirt. Blue/brown trousers, big boots and a pirate hat. Its from about 1990. I really want to find one, or at least one similar. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to find/look for one? Email: a2zsheldon@ntlworld.com
  Plastic Monsters 1960's
MPC Pop Top Horrors 5" figures (Frankenstein Monster, Grim Reaper, Werewolf, Dracula). Also large (3") Palmer figures (It the Terror from Space, Gorgo, Creature, Cyclops). Any colors. C8+ or better. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Plastic Toy Soldiers
I buy plastic Toy soldiers from the 70's like Atlantic, Airfix, Esci etc. Large lots welcome, clearence shops. For information Click here to send email
Vintage Playskool wooden giraffe. This rider/walker for toddlers was made in the '60s and 70s. Prefer good condition or better. Steve K. Email: click here to send email
  Playskool Play Friends Forest Ranger
Favorite Toy from my youth!! It was called Playskool Play Friends Forest Ranger playset made by playskool, and only for Sears in 1975. It had a vinyl-like mat that had the outline of a forest setting. It came with a plastic ranger station, a plastic tree, cave, beaver house, and a few other items, along with plastic jointed forest animals such as a deer, bear, beaver, raccoon, squirrel, eagle, and plastic non-jointed people such as the ranger.... I am seeking a complete set if necessary, but would settle for only the animals! Let me know if you have any of this item!! Thanks! Email: Case269@aol.com 
  Plush Barking Dog-Early 90's
Sold in USA in the early/Mid 90's. I'm looking for a childhood toy of mine. His tags have been removed, so here's a description... It's a plush dog that would sit upright. He barks when you press his nose. He has a satin type material for his tummy, which is also air filled. The inside of his ears are the same satin type material. His mouth is open, with his tongue sticking out. He also has beans in his paws. There were different breeds because my niece also had one, she had a dalmation and I had just a mutt-looking one. Email: JusTimbe-rlake03@aol.com
  Polly Pocket "Tiny World" Set
I would like to buy a Polly Pocket set that came in a large box. It was called the Tiny World Set. Email: pagez@spabeauty.com

Polly Pocket by Bluebird
Looking for the following Pollyville - Tiny World items: 1993: Bay Window House, School House, Pet Shop, Holiday Toy Shop, Holiday Alpine Chalet, & Wedding Chapel and many more. In fact, anything that would suit a tiny 'Polly township' Loose, 'played with' is fine but must be in nice condition Will pay reasonable prices (prefer to purchase in bulk lots & use seamail (surface) due to international postage rates). Or can trade vintage &/or new: Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, MLP, Charmkins, Smurfs, Kinder Surprise, M&M's, Ty Beanies, Fast Food Premiums, Character PVC's, Cards/Tazos, & lots of Australian exclusives. Email: ozzilady@yahoo.com

Country of manufacture Some of them say Hong Kong. Maker (if known) Imperial Toy. Year of production (if known) 1970-1974?. Description 1 1/2 in rubber skydivers in a 5 different goofy poses and several colors. I'm not interested in the more recent types. Any reasonable condition. Don't need attached chutes or painted helmets and eyes. Email: cjmscramjet@hotmail.com
  Popeye Tin Toys
I am interested in 1930-1950 wind-up Popeye toys in excellent condition with their boxes if possible, especially Heavy Hitter, Over Head Punching Bag, etc. Please send good photos for me to see. Email: thomasn@where2hunt.net
  Pre 1970's Old Dolls & Toys
Lynn Ryan, 609 W. Annie, Muncie, IN. USA.47303 Tel + (765)284-9624 Email: click here to send email
  Pre-1940's German & Japanese Toys
Nigel Boyle, P.O.Box 28-014 Beckenham, Christchurch, New Zealand. Tel + 643 3299193 Fax + 643 3299196 Email: click here to send email
  Pre-War Japan Armored Vehicles
Pre-War Japan armored vehicles and tanks. Email: tsadik613@aol.com
  Prince Valiant Collectibles
I am collecting Prince Valiant items, toys, books, music, anything Prince Valiant. Please contact me about any items you might have for sale. Email: sonny@triballight.com
  Propshots from 'Toltoys'
Flying plane toy from mid to later 70s , has big propeller which made the rest of the plane look relatively small and hand launcher with a pull cord - will buy any sort - these were available in Australia but not sure about rest of the world ??? - would love to see one of these again even if you could email a picture would be great - I had a Biplane version of one which was was one of my most treasured toys when i was 7 (until the dog preferred it more!) please help if you can - cheers Email: click here to send email
I am trying to find PROPSHOTS brand toys sold by Quaker Oats or Luis Marx toys in the 1970's or 1980s. Any condition acceptable. Email: poverhauser@overhauser.com
I'm looking for Superhero & Villain prototypes, hardcopies & 2ups. I'm also looking for Hellboy prototypes. Email: rickster@ignmail.com
  Race Car Sets
I'm wanting to buy old electric race car sets from the 1960s and 1970s. Cars, parts, boxes, etc.... Any condition considered. Also looking for built model car collections. Any condition considered! Email: DDesp95802@aol.com
  Railway Magazine
1 Only Traction Magazine No 13 November 1995 Publish by Warner Group Publishers. I wil purchase the lot year for this copy if need be. Email: raymond6@tpg.com.au
  Remote Control Tin Cars
Looking for parts for remote control tin cars. 1950 or 60's. Mainly looking for sterring wheels from the control box or the complete control box. It holds two "D" batteries and has a cable going from the steering wheel to the front wheels of the car. Click here to send email
  Rigadoon Puppet Doll
I do not know too much about them other than my friends and I had them when we were kids in the 80's. They came out in about 1989. They are about 28 inches tall and have a pouch in the back of their head to annimate them. They have an official stamp on the back of their hand. I do not mind which charater i just really need one asap. As for condition i would like it smoke and pet hair free, and in relatively good condition. In it's original box would be the ultimate! Email: beck_gardiner1@hotmail.com
  Robots & Space Toys
Vintage tin toy robots, ray guns and space toys. Email: click here to send email
  Robots and Sci-Fi Toys
Plastic vintage robots and Sci-Fi toys from the 1950 - 1980's wanted. Please email details and photos to: jotoys2001@yahoo.com
  S.W.A.T. Figures
I am looking to purchase 1970s LJN S.W.A.T. figures and accessories. Email: todd234343@aol.com
(Amazon, PV, P1800/1900) Japan made tin cars, especially boxed ones... Also 50's & 60's American models like Buick, Cadillac, Ford etc from the size 10" and bigger... Have cars for trade. Email: click here to send email

Saab Toys
Saab toys/models from the following manufacturers: Graphyland(900 Cab), SSS(93), Marx(93), Sohbi(Sonett), Asahi(96 1:31) and Beny Box. Email: stig.lundstrom@taloverkot.fi

  Sasha Dolls
Made in England and Germany and Switzerland.From the late 50's to early 90's.They were made from hard vinyl but also cloth and moulded gypsum.German ones are marked with Gotz and the English ones are unmarked and some had Sasha written on the bottom of their foot. After ones in Excellent to poor condition. click here to send email
I'm looking for any Scalextric slot car items, especially cars, sets and accessories. STARTEX and SCALEX cars are also wanted. I'll also consider any other 1/24 & 1/32 slot car items. Email: lily80@netspace.net.au 
  Scalextric / Slot car Collections
Scalextric, NINCO, FLY, Traing. Carrera, BUM SLOT, Team Slot. All 1:32 scale slot cars. Condition New or Used. Email: davemel@jljw.fslife.co.uk
James Bond set from 1968, or just the vehicles, Aston MArtin, Mercedes or selections of track from this set including the rock chicane. Email: NBailey001@aol.com
  Schuco Motorcycle
I'm looking for a Schuco motorcycle, No. 6508, a BMW in orange. It's 1/10 scale, made circa 2003. Email: tcollins@dispatch.com
  Schuco Vintage Cars
I am looking for Schuco vintage cars, specially the alpha Romeo with the girl and the Examico. Must be in good condition. also interested in Marx tin toys like the Honeymoon Cottage etc and spanish vintage. Click here to send email
  Shuco Janus Two Faced Bear
JanusTwo Faced Bear made by Shuco in U.S. zone Germany in 1964 Measures 3 1/2 inches high. Changes his face when a knob on his bottom is moved. Consider any condition. Email: cjcoop@pei.eastlink.ca
  Space Helmet and Goggles
Marketed mainly in the USA. Made by Banner Plastics Corporation (Banner Toys) 1954-1956. Silver-grey and red plastic helmet (no visor), with a red spaceship on top. The goggles are large and have radar dishes in front of the eyes. The set came with a ray gun. I'd like to find the helmet and goggles complete, in good condition. The ray gun isn't so important. Email: click here to send email
  Speed Racer
MAHA GoGoGo / Meteoro any items / Tin Robots !!! I loved Speed racer as kid ! it was my favorite show. I collect Speed Racer items from the 1960's and 70's. Books, toys, Any items. I also collect Tin Robots/ Cars / Ultraman /Godzilla / Astro boy / Gigantor / and I may be interested in other Japanese character toys /books / Please email me if you have anything for me. P.S I am also very knowledgable on Japanese toys and can help you I.D. your toy /send me picture. Johnny EMAIL: click here to send email
  Spell It Game
I would like to find this game and learn more about it. When I was about eight years old, back in the 1940's. There was a board type spelling game, I think called "Spell It", which taught you how to spell words. On this board, was a large dial, (like a old time telephone) On the front of this game, broken down into three sections were three little sliding doors. If you wanted to spell cat-you would dial a C-then go back and dial a A-then go back and dial a T. If you spelled the word correctly, by sliding back the little door - you would see a picture of a CAT. If you spelled the word incorrectly-you would see a picture of something else.This was a wonderful game that taught you to spell words by seeing a picture. EMAIL: clcik here to send email
  Spiderman Web Shooter
Made in USA? Funstuf Group c1976 Spiderman Web Shooter - suction cup dart shooter, straps onto your wrist. Wanted in working condition if possible, but will consider anything. Email: click here to send email
  Star Wars
Vintage Star Wars Sail Skiff & Tusken Raider POTF Coins (in excellent condition). Offering good money for both. Email: raincow@hotmail.com
  Star Wars 1997 At-At Parts
Country of manufacture : U.S.A Maker : Kenner Year of production : 1997 Description : Looking for the side door and top canopy for a 1997 Star Wars At - At vehicle. Also looking for other Star Wars ships, beasts and figures .Drop me a line. Email: click here to send email
  Star Wars Bubble Gum Cards
I was looking to find a full set of the 1978 ? Star Wars Bubble gum cards, and am also looking for a 12 inch R2D2 from (1977, 1980 or 1983) in excellent condition. Email: dmar9889@bigpond.net.au
  Star Wars POTF Coins
Paying well for Star Wars POTF coins. Looking for Error coins: AT-AT, Creatures, “Hans”Solo, Millennium Falcon, Sail Skiff (No Star Wars), & Sail Barge. Also looking for Alternate Logo coins (POTF Logo): Amanaman, A-Wing Pilot, C-3PO, EV-9D9, Jawas, Luke Poncho, R2D2, Warok, & Yoda. Also need regular Tusken Raider coin. Email: braincow@hotmail.com
  Star Wars Toltoys
Star Wars Toltoys carded figures 12 back and 20 backs. 1977-1978, distributed by Toltoys in Australia. Wanted in any condition and will pay good prices for them. If unsure as to if you may have these please email me for more details. Email: Brody.walker@wwp.net.au
  Star Wars Toys 1977-80's
In excellent condition and complete with genuine original accessories preferably. I collect figures/ships/playsets. None of the new 90's toy line please apart from any Boba Fett and Yoda items. Email me with a list please. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Star Wars Vintage 1977-85 Figures
I'm looking for various Star Wars vintage figures.Tri-logo dark brown jacket Rebel Soldier,Luke X-Wing pilot and Greedo all mint and preferably complete. Other trilogy figures without country of manufacture on rear of legs are also of interest. Also want the following in mint complete condition: Obi Wan white hair Boba Fett/Hong Kong brown belt one. Tusken Raider/Sandperson with hollow cheek tubes not solid ones. Luke Stormtrooper on tri-logo or POTF very low condition card(i want a mint loose figure). I have some loose vintage to trade or would just purchase via Paypal etc. Email: click here to send email
  Star Wars Vintage Figures
Star Wars Vintage Figures (1977 - 1985): Australian Buyer Australian buyer looking for old Star Wars figures (1977 -1985) in good condition, preferably with accessories. I'm only interested in the figures, no spaceships. Email: jpicton@optusnet.com.au
  Steinbach Nutcrackers
I am looking for some vintage Steinbach Nutcrackers. I am looking specifically for the Kings Court Series. They were made by Steinbach Gmbh in Germany- sometime in the 1970s-1990s. They measures 16 inches tall and come in boxes with Steinbach red and white seals on the end. I would love them in their box, but will consider without. The Series includes: King Ernst August, General Steuben, Guard Zitzewitz, Court-Hunter v. d. Tann, Emperor Barbarossa, Prince Ludwig, Duke Johann, Baron Rothschild, Admiral Nelson and Aide con Tutzschler. Email: amarnaudo@yahoo.com
Very serious collector searching for Kenner SSP- Toltoys- Denys Fisher- Chad Valley- Clipper- Harbert- Les Gyrojet Cascadeurs- Lili Ledy STOCKCAR SMASHUP and SMASH UP DERBY SETS !!!!!!!! If youre a derby set collector, lets compare notes. Get into my parts network!!!!!! Email: CGekle@comcast.net
  Stretch Amstrong
Stretch Amstrong monsters by Kenner, came out in the 1970's. Email: JAGRETTE68@YAHOO.COM
  Stretch Monster
1970's Stretch Monster. He was Green and was associated with Stretch Armstrong. Email brooktotonak@yahoo.com
  Stretch Monster
Stretch doll by Kenner Toys. Made in mid to late 70's. He's green with two white fangs. He stretches up to 4 times his size and was associated with "Stretch Armstrong". Would like this is very good to MINT condition. All contacts welcome!!! EMAIL: click here to send email
  Stretch Screamer Creepy Creature
Stretch Screamer Creepy Creature, USA, by Manley Toyquest 2000. Stretchable series of dolls with screaming noises, in good condition. EMAIL: nitalyle@speedfactory.net
  Stuffed Toy Cat
I'm looking for a stuffed toy cat that was made in the USA during the late 1940s or early 1950s. It was a tabby-type cat, gray with green eyes, about 10 or 12 inches long. (I'm guessing at the size - it may have been smaller. Email: maryalycea@earthlink.net
  Superking K-82/K-81
BMW MOTOR-CYCLE, Condition:From mint to good, Maker:MATCHBOX, Year of Production:1980-82. -Jarle Sundal Email: click here to send email
  Sylvanian Families
I am after Sylvanian Families musical instruments made around 1986 by Epoch in Japan. They were sold individually in presentation boxes. I don't need the boxes. I am looking for the trombone, stringed guitar, stringed banjo, stringed cello and snare drum set on a stand. Must be in mint condition. Email: susanross@paradise.net.nz
  Teddy the Artist, Made in Japan circa 1950's
Battery Operated Toy, Place stencils under the desk, a crayon or pencil in Teddys' hand and he draws the picture. Comes with various stencils. Working Condition Preferable and in original box if possible but not necessary. Email: nikki.p@lizzy.com.au
  Terra Luna Space Toy
terra luna graphical space toy, Germany, technofix, 1951, tin Terra lune toy 50cm long 40`s type space graphics on sides with large world globe on one end and half moon other end ..space car travels thru globe and moon. good condition. Email: johnnybuick@hotmail.com.au
  The Raccoons (TV. Series)
Country of manufacture: Canada + Maker (if known) : Kevin Gillis + Year of production (if known) 1985 - 1993 + Description: Im looking for the Plushes of the characters from this series. Any condition is ok but preferably in good condition. Email : click here to send email
  Thomas the Tank Engine
I am looking for rare/retired Thomas the Tank Engine pieces. Specifically ADA JANE AND MABEL. I think the last year of production is 1997. Will take used or new on any items from 2001 and before. Email: robinprovino@yahoo.com
  Tiger Joe Tank
I am looking for the Tiger Joe Tank which is from the 1960's. Deluxe Reading and sold by grocery stores in 1961. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please contact me at my e-maill address. Email: rosiak1@yahoo.com

Timpo Knights
Looking for Timpo lead mounted knights circa 1950's, "feather" plumage in helmet. Email: cityfinance@iinet.net.au

  Tin car / Modell Volvo 1800
Embossed lithographed tin, Length: 310mm (12.2 inch),Condition fair, Maker SSS Japan, Year of production 60' Japan. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Tomy Sylvanian Families or Tomy Calico Critters
Country of manufacturer: US/UK. Maker: Tomy. Year of production: 1980's- early 1990's. Description- I'm looking for several different families and figures made  in the late 80's to early 90's made by Tomy. Some boxes said Furry Forest Folk on the front along with the Tomy Logo. They also had golden stickers that said 1985 Epoch on them. Condition: Mint in Box (though box condition doesn't have to be mint). Email: LH787018@aol.com
  Tootsietoys from the 1950's and 1960's
Mainly looking for the Tootsietoy semi tractor trailer trucks. The 1959 Chevy semi cab, the following trucks with the Mack or International cabs,the Spector, the Huber and Huber truck,the Soper truck, the Middle States Lines truck, any of the semi trucks in any condition.Dave Email: click here to send email
Pre war and post war, some 70s toys also wanted. Mainly want toys in good condition but will consider all. If you have tootsietoys for sale please contact me with "tootsietoy" in the subject line. I will respond. Thank you, Mark click here to send email
  Touch n Tell Electronic Game
By Mattel early 1980's. Description: Battery Operated Learning Game. About the size of a laptop computer, (maybe a little bigger). This toy/game, had picture pages that slipped under the frame of the game board. Each learning page had items to find, define, identify and learn about. The game would ask you to find an item, (for example, "find the tiger"), if you touch the tiger the game would respond with positive recognition. If you touched something besides the tiger, the game would ask you to, "look again" and would give additional information. This game was a preschool toy. Click here to send email
  Toy Bakerlite White Dog
70's or late 60's Description: White Bakerlite Toy Dog with multi coloured spots. This dog would walk (on wheels), it's eyes would pop out, it's tail would wag and it would bark Condition: Working condition if possible. I had one as a very young child in the late 60's and was terrified of it, but I would like to face my fears and obtain another! Email: tracygordon@optusnet.com.au
  Toy Bus Conductor's Set
Toy bus conductor's set - possibly made of tin Consists of a small machine attached to a shoulder strap, with handle that turns to 'clip' bus tickets when they are inserted into the machine. Some sets also included a 'conductors' hat. They were popular in the UK pre-war and as far as I know, post-war (world war 2). Possibly manufactured in the UK. Email: junehoward@bigpond.com
  Toy Horses
From the 70's seeking the 1970s horses from lone ranger and other series some are called "Scout", Silver, Bandit, and anyothers from this era attepmting to recreate for my children what i once had if you can help please email click here to send email
  Toy Soldiers - Timpo
I would like to purchase any style of timpo plastic soldiers, either individual or in bulk. Also any airfix 1/32 scale soldiers. Email: mguest@westnet.com.au
In 1998, Trendmasters produced a line of toys in resin and plastic samples, for the Godzilla animated cartoon based off of the 1998 Godzilla movie. They were never released, and remain as prototypes only. There was 12 made of each or less, depending on what wasn't destroyed. I am looking for any, or all of these prototypes from Godzilla the Series Animated cartoon which ran from 1998-1999. There was the 10" Cyber Godzilla, 10" Godzilla, and the 6" line of Godzilla, C-Rex, Robot Yeti, NIGEL the robot, Nick, and Randy, and there was also a red and yellow bird like creature, called the Querzoquatl. Email: shytoons@yahoo.com
Transfers for Headstock and Downtube on 1958 English Tri-ang Solid Tyre Trike wanted to complete restoration. Email: Peter.Allen@qr.com.au
  Tri-ang Rovex Spacex Interspace Miniatures
made in UK 1968-72. Small blister carded plastic spaceships and vehicles, with Golden Astronaut figure included. Later models have a red, triangular badge included. Any condition, or parts. Nuclear Ferry, Salvage Craft, Crash Tender, Surveyor and other. EMAIL: click here to send email
  Tri-ang/Hornby Battlespace model trains
Made in England. Maker: Made by Rovex. Dates: 1966-1971. Desc: Military action trains. Any BS items are of interest. Mail me with what you have. Cond: Prefer good boxed, but consider unboxed. Let me know what you have. click here to send email
  Tweenie Toys
Jake, Milo, Fizz, Bella story telling Tweenie toys that tell a little story when you press their tummy. Any condition but must work. Needed for disabled child to replace his old ones that have broken. Please can anyone help and make my son very happy as these toys he thinks of as his friends. Happy to pay a fair price and postage. Please e-mail: Beckynmatt @tesco.net
  Tykie Toys & Tykie Toy Company
Related Items Manufactured in Piqua, Ohio, in the late 1930's through early 1950's. Primarily small (4 - 6 inches tall) Bakelite or catalin toys in figural (e.g., spoons, beads, rings, etc) or character designs (e.g., Bobby Bear, Eddie Egg, Peepo the Clown, etc) strung with/on metal bead chains or signature blue cotton cord. Characters generally have enamel-painted features. There are some polystyrene pieces (translucent) such as Sammy Sunfish, and some flexible plastic pieces (opaque) such as Charlie Chick. Also, a "go-along" book published by the company called "The Tykie Toy Tales." I am interested in buying or trading toys, packaging/boxes, store displays, all types of literature (product inserts & pamphlets, selling recommendations provided to stores, brochures, advertising, etc), promotional items, design info (patent info, copyright info, etc), owner info, factory info (directions for assembling the toys, work schedules, etc), toy show/fair paraphenalia, including sales literature & displays, anecdotes from workers at the factory... ANYTHING/EVERTHING and ANY INFORMATION related to the Tykie Toy Company. I am an avid collector and am also conducting research for a possible reference book on this subject. Email: Sekincer@aol.com
  Ultimate Soldier
Ultimate soldier xd figures and toys 1:18 scale, 1 piece or whole collection, loose or mint in box. Click here to send email
  Velvet Doll
I am looking for a doll called Velvet. She had a button you pushed on her tummy to make her hair grow and a knob on the back you could wind it up with she was made by ideal toy corp in 1971 About 15" tall and I am particularly looking for her outfit she came in it was a purple "velvet" dress with white trim short dress slim fitting. There was another doll like her her name was Crissy she had red hair. Email: click here to send email
  Vintage Airplane Parts
Hello out there in toy collector land! I’m looking for a couple of very distinct parts to make my early 1960’s battery-operated American Airlines 4-prop airplane complete….It was made by Tomy and it’s in great shape except that the……1. Clear cabin cover about 4” long is missing 2. The stewardess that goes up and down the aisle that you can see through the clear piece that is missing is missing. And 3. The Battery compartment cover. Airplane is approx. 18” long and with a 20” wingspan…..4 props are operated from inside the clear nose piece which lifts up to access the control levers for the props, the wheel motors and the stewardess and lights….If you know where I can locate the pieces….it’s worth your while…Please let me know. Email: sissbhpcc@caltel.com
  Vinyl Kid's Figural Cups
made by Applause. Some specific cups needed (in good condition) are: Terrence, the tractor--Wolverine--The Thing-- Olive Oyl. E-mail me what you have for sale. Email: binkandmad@yahoo.com
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  Werewolf Doll
I am seeking a stuffed werewolf doll, not the "Eddie Munster werewolf doll either". This doll was sold in Wal-mart stores in the mid 1990's for about $6.00 they were made of toned brown fake fur and wearing green-gray pants and shirt with white felt fangs and brown plastic eyes. Email: dutchboy098@hotmail.com
American made, 1960's, a small metal gyroscope-type red wheel that spins on metal track, hand-held. Looking for 5-10 of them in decent usable shape, with or without box. Email: sperlingj@juno.com
  Winnie The Pooh Electronic Japanese Alphebet Game
An electronic tablet with buttons of in Hiragana (Japanese Alphabet). Small LED window in the upper right corner and a large figure of Pooh sitting on a log on the right side of the tablet. Apx. 15.5cm W by 10cm high and 1.5 cm deep. Characters on the bottom in Japanese say " Ku Ma No Poo Chan kakikata A I U E O". when it starts it says " boku wa Po Ma No Poo. Ja Boku to isho ni sobo.." wanted for sentimental reasons, will pay premium for this toy. Condition: any working. Email: scott_cornett@bigfoot.com
  Wonder Woman 'Wonder Jet' Playset
Made in Canada, Multiple Toymakers, Late 1960s. I need a high quality scan (perhaps from an old toy catalogue) or photo of Multiple Toymakers' WONDER WOMAN 'WONDER JET' PLAYSET produced in the late 1960s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for a scan or photo of Ideal's WONDER WOMAN AND FLASH PLAYSET from the same time period. I also collect Wonder Woman memorabilia so feel free to contact me with any items you have for sale. Email: kyallc@hunterlink.net.au
  Wooden Figurines
I am looking for any old wooden figurines by an Italian Toy-maker by the name of Antonio Vitali. They were made in Italy up until the 1970s. Email: nfonong@yahoo.com
  Wooden Figurines
I am looking for any old wooden figurines by an Italian Toy-maker by the name of Antonio Vitali. They were made in Italy up until the 1970s. Email: paultroon@swiftdsl.com.au
  Wringer Washing Machine
I'm looking for a TOY wringer washing machine made by Trade Mark (with a Buffalo? insignia between the name Trade Mark) that was made, I believe, in the 1940s. It is GREEN in color and about 16" in height, with little black pictures or decals of dolls washing clothing around the entire tub of the washer. It states "Dolly's Washer" on the front of the tub, has a wringer on top, a metal tub cover and agitator, 3 metal legs, and has a wind up lever on the bottom and an on/off switch on the side which start the washer and mimic a washing sound. Do you have, or did you ever have anything like this? I am very interested in finding one. Email: smartyj1@verizon.net
US/Japan, TOMY / Hasbro, 1983-up. Toy model kits that wind up or are battery operated
that resemble a variety of animals. Email: Zoids@wikd.org
Zoids, Robostrux, Mechobonica, Techno Zoids, and Zoids2 (produced by TOMY) Also Manglors (produced by Ideal) and The Other World (Produced by Arco). Email: zoid@zoid.us

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