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cervenka toys
cervenka toys

As exquisite and unique range of original toys designed and painstakingly handcrafted by John Cervenka.

Following the techniques of the 19 century toy makers and using only simple basic tools, every toy is entirely handmade and handpainted - this making every toy an unique piece. On a completion of a satisfactory prototype a small edition is made up and when sold it is never repeated. Toy boats are a specialty and made to order using the prototype as a guide. Special design orders are welcome.

Art pieces for the discerning collector - offered in limited edition of up to 6 pieces worldwide.

Toy boats - automobiles - airplanes - zeppelins - novelties - automata - etc... Dated, signed, authenticity certificate - Design Copyright

Prices from 100 dollars, over 30 original boat designs, and over 300 original toy designs, since 1980.

Website: www.toysbycervenka.com



Published Articles & Photographs:

"Antique Toy World" magazine - USA

April 1989 - page 48: "When dreams come true" by Jack Herbert

April 1991 - page 27: "Up on top down under" by Jack Herbert

April 1993 - page 26: "To be not to be" by Jack Herbert

Oct. 1994 - page 64: "Everything is up to date at ATW" by Jack Herbert

July 1996 - page 11: "Pot pourri" by Jack Herbert

Jan. 1998 - page 67: "Taxi heaven" by Jack Herbert

Sep. 1998 - page 50: "A toy Titanic" by Jack Herbert

"Australian Country Style" magazine - Australia -
Oct/Nov 1990 page 85: "Crowded house" by Karen Byak

"Better Homes and Gardens" magazine - Australia -
Dec. 1996 page 214: "Tin Racing Car"
June 1998 page 156: "Tin Titanic"


TV program: "Better Homes and Gardens"

Nov. 1996 Channel 7, Sydney, Australia

June 1998 Channel 7, Sydney, Australia


1986 - Ray Hughes Galleries, Sydney, Australia

1987 - Ray Hughes Galleries, Sydney, Australia

1988 - Ray Hughes Galleries, Brisbane, Australia

1990 - Ray Hughes Galleries, Sydney, Australia

1994 - Wanger Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia


For Sale

Passenger Liner TITANIC made in Australia, by toymaker Cervenka only one made, all tinplate handmade and handpainted year:1998, electric motor, 26" long (66cm), brand new, never "played with" looks great afloat or on display.
Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Warship from World War 2 - Australia ,handmade by toymaker Cervenka only one made this as prototype but never made any other 1996, electric motor, 32" long (81cm) water going craft.
Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Battleship "Alabama" made by Cervenka- new - only 4 made in 1993, electric, also equiped with an Hydroplane suspended on a crane beam 22' long- 56cm. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Zeppelin,made by Cervenka in Australia,new , 2 electric motors (2 propellers) when suspended on special fitting will fly in a circle,22" long-56cm,only 7 made in 1995. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com


For Sale

Motor speed boat Motor speed boat "Gar Wood",made in Australia by toymaker J.Cervenka,limited edition of 4 only one remaining this one the prototype electric,19" long. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Sports car push/pull tinplate car handmade in Australia by toymaker J.Cervenka 1988, limited edition of 5 only- one remaining 8"1/2 long (21.5cm) new. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Double decker bus, english type !920's era made in Australia by toymaker J. Cervenka -1991- only 6 made- new -all tinplate- with driver conductor and passengers, upper deck removable canvas (tin) canopy air horn, electric headlights, bell, direction indicator, rubber tyres, period advertisments 14"1/4 long -36cm. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com

Woman apple seller,made by Cervenka - only 6 made in 1988 new clockwork 6"1/2 tall 16.5cm. Website: www.toysbycervenka.com






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