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cast iron cars and tin toys

cast iron cars and tin toys

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cast iron cars and tin toys

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Collectors will have a host of fresh toy and bank offerings this spring, as Ace Auction announces an extraordinary two-day sale, simply blooming with choice lots numbering nearly 1700 at last count. The auction event is anchored by hundreds of incredible mechanical and still bank finds from the late Ed Almond, a past member of the bank collectors community, revered and remembered with genuine admiration by all who crossed his collecting tenure. Together with a host of fabulous toys, doorstops, European boats, luxury autos, Schoenhuts, Popeye, comic character, and much more in a fresh find frenzy for collectors of all levels.

Rarity coupled with condition will present collectors with a whirlwind of fresh find opportunities that will create some big waves of approval from the Jersey Shore already known for some big waves. Both Jeanne and Rich Ace were amazed at the quality of items that steadily streamed into the Gallery during the cold winter months in time for a guaranteed warmer occasion. "Great items, and I mean great items, all across the collecting fields, were either brought in or scheduled for pick-up during this past winter; we were just thrilled to see such quality offered for our April sale, and just as thrilled to get another quality catalog in the hands of so many good collectors," said Rich.

Jeanne stated, "we aim for diversity, and it's not always easy, but this April will present bank and toy collectors with more then a normal fantastic share of quality choices."

Almost every grouping of toy fields will be represented with uncommon diversity. Boats and ships, which number over sixty entries, include an all original, rare and exceptionally styled Marklin Paddle wheeler, together with examples made by Carette, Bing, Fleischmann, Liberty, Lionel, Keystone, Converse, and still others. Most from a private mid-west collection, the grouping will include River boats, Battleships, large Ocean liners, and pleasure Craft, making the selection a rarity in itself at public auction. Richard Clause's new book, "the Allure of Toy Ships," properly outlines many similar offerings included in the sale, and it is considered a must for those searching for information on fine flotilla. Collectors can expect price levels across the board, and many of the larger scale vessels will surely make for some interesting buying decisions.

 If transportation autos, or buses claim prized space on your toy shelves, then nearly 60 early models will be ready for you this April 28, 29, at the Vineland, New Jersey Auction House. Again, most from the famous European makers who never deterred from making a toy as closely as possible to its original concept. Marklin heads the list, as two boxed items, an Armored Car, and Coupe, help parade the selection of Bing, Pinard, Carette, Guntherman, Rossignol, Paya, Jep, and yet other luxury vehicles ready to form their line at the Ace podium. From large Limousine entries, to small well detailed work vehicles, to stylish buses and everyday touring cars, the sale will offer some unusual, and eye appealing modes of transportation.

For tin auto and accessories collectors, get ready for some interesting choices in airport and service station lay-outs, together with tin Taxis, great biscuit car tins, and plenty of surprise entries. Just part of the many calls that came in during the winter and helped round out a very exciting sale, expect some very desirable toys to cross the bidding podium for two full days of fresh finds.

We have nearly nipped the bud, as is said in spring, and around the auction house, as the April line-up continues with a significant fresh cache of Popeye toys, and, oh yes, most in original rare boxes.  The grouping includes some heavy hitters in the distinguished line of Popeye toys, and it was culled by a collector that refused to display anything less then pristine condition. The consignor did an outstanding job in finding condition, and elusive stars for his collection, and collectors will easily note the fruits of his searching labor. This type of quality doesn't come around often, and again, it shares a special spotlight on a very promising Spring fresh find sale.

European toys of all creations include, Lehmann, Martin, Guntherman, Arnold, and others, and they join an interesting grouping of Japanese, French and German built tin toy airplanes. Great selection of lithographed tin examples, and the toy grouping is as diverse as ever. Tin toys don't stop with European, as American comic character charmers will do their own show stomping with Mickey bands, Lil' Abner band, Ham and Sam band, and assorted famous dancers on roofs. A good mix, and worth a special catalog perusing. Space toys, amusing toys, boxed toys, chances are, you are going to find a toy that fits your search criteria this April.

The doors will once again be held wide open with a heavy cast of doorstop examples, and add figurals to the already enormous selection, wow, the session, will entice a number of double looks, and bidding decisions. Large flowers, and animals, desirable figures, colorful depictions, rarity in between, and bookends in a multitude of forms. fresh to the market they go. And for fresh mechanical and still banks with literally hundreds of choices offered, the collection from the late Mr. Ed Almond is the one to be talked about this spring. Seasoned collectors will have no problem remembering Ed's great sense of humor which equaled his talented eye for quality finds. The late veteran collector amassed an enormous quantity of examples with some pretty rare and choice banks headlining his collective searches. The collection itself traveled from the far reaches of British Columbia where it was in the admiring hands of close family members that decided it was time for a final collector's sharing. Ed's sister and nephew, proper care takers of the fine groupings, spearheaded the entire process of handling the collection from start to its final destination, and were instrumental in preserving the intactness and condition of each example. While at the pack, which in itself took the Ace staff several days, the family was incredibly positive about the anticipated collector's clubs support, always recalling their uncle and brother's fondness for attending and mingling with club members over his collecting tenure. It was Ed's wish, and he will get it, to share his finds through Ace Auctions, and it is with special pleasure that the entire staff promote his important acquisitions with genuine pride.

From A to Z, from the North Pole back to the U.S. bank, the collection is represented with many upgrade possibilities, and a long list of great choices. It includes ex. Norman additions and famed Sax entries: pristine falls into many example headings, and rarity is evidenced many times. Ace's line-up of banks will present possibly the finest example of Paddy and the Pig ever offered, a stunning U.S. Bank, absolutely enviable Girl Skipping Rope, the rare North Pole Bank with condition plus to body, striking examples of Artillery, Speaking Dog, Big Chief Moon, Spize A Mule, and really so many others that could fill this entire article.

Still banks make up another major portion of the collection, and Ed used the same guidelines, condition and rarity. Expect King Midas to greet collectors with his own ransom of elusive offerings. The uncommon will seem common at the sale, and it makes for an unprecedented chance to own several, that's several, of the Moore rated "only available when a collection comes to market". well, they are coming to market.

For those seeking Schoenhut creations, well the spring sale is for you. Leading the session is one of the greats in the Schoenhut line, The large Band Wagon. Complete with seated musicians. It was paraded to Ace Auctions just in time to help celebrate an enormous line-up of people, animals, and whimsical figures, together with other unusual circus accessories. The sale even includes an exceptional four foot Clown Figure display, handcrafted by Keith Kaonis, and sure to anchor any creative collection of these really fanciful jointed toys. Too much to mention, but all pictured in full color, the selection is overwhelming, and we think that's good.

Collectors can take advantage of the many bidding possibilities including, phone, absentee, live day of auction, or live via internet at www.ebayliveauctions.com, day of auction. Plan to attend this important auction, and please call the office for any extended preview time, inquiry, or future consignment questions, at 856-692-1881.


Location: Ace Auctions Gallery, 2141 Sample Dr. Vineland, NJ 08360, USA
Office-123-456-789 - fax 123-456-789
Email - toys@your website.com
Website - www.your website.com

Auction Times: ?? ??, starting at 1:00p.m.--- ?? ??, starting at 9:00a.m.

Preview Times: Entire week of April 24, from 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. and Saturday, ?? ??, starting at 8:00a.m

Bidding options include: Live, day of sales at the Vineland NJ Auction House Absentee bidding by fax or mail with catalog purchase.

Catalogs may be ordered for $45 US, or $55. foreign (US bank) by sending check or calling with credit card.

For free auction flyer, further information on this auction, or confidential consignment inquiries, feel free to call office. Ace Auctions always seeks quality items or large collections.

Further information forthcoming: for any further inquiries please call the office at 123-456-789, fax - 123-456-789, website - www.your website.com

Allow us to put our trusted name behind your collection.

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